10 Things Only Someone From Michigan Understands

1. “UP” doesn’t refer to a famous Disney movie


Source: Wikimedia Commons use Magnus Manske

2. You can experience all four seasons in 24 hours.


Source: Giphy.com

Rain in the morning, snow in the afternoon, and maybe a burst of sunshine in the evening. Nothing unusual about that.

3. It’s the only place you can visit Paradise, and see Hell freeze over in the same day.


4. Feeling ill? Have a Vernor’s Ale.


Source: Flickr user Ron

It’s no secret that ginger ale helps you feel better, but there’s really only one choice when it comes to the brand that works best.

5. UM/University of Michigan is the only rivalry in sports that matters


Source: Wikimedia Commons Michael Barera

Choose your side wisely and pray you don’t have two children that go to each school.

6. It’s perfectly normal to get Canadian coins as change


Source: Flickr user Shawn Carpenter

Given the proximity to our friendly neighbors to the north, you shouldn’t be surprised if half your change ends up being Canadian. Don’t worry though, it works just the same as ours.

7. That craving for venison meat

learnliving-michigan-12Hunting deer is a big thing up here, and pretty soon you’ll develop a taste for it.

8. It’s pronounced “Mackinaw”


There’s really only one true way to say it, “mac-in-awe”, but you can bet any outsider will screw it up.

9. Western Michigan might as well be a second Netherlands


Source: Christian Reformed Church in North America Facebook

The Dutch have a strong presence in this area, so don’t be surprised if you can’t remember whether your neighbors are the “Vanderwidens” or the “Vandercamps” or some other similar variation.

10. The Michigan left


Every state has it’s own driving nuances, and it’s no different here, where the “Michigan Left” is just part of the routine.

What do you think best defines your state? Let us know in the comments and we will add it to the list!

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