Abandoning Luxury Life in Dubai For Offgrid Living In The Desert. And Never Looking Back.

One recent migrant to Sunseed had a great high paying job in Dubai, one of the world’s most opulent centers of luxury, where you’re born a captain of industry. Money doesn’t mean anything because everybody has so much of it there, it’s just a way of life.

Traffic on a street at night, long exposure.

What is Sunseed you say?



Tucked in the lower Andalusia area of Spain, Sunseed is a place where people shun technology, where they find escape from the nagging need to check Facebook and Instagram every two minutes, among many other things. Those who come here have a certain broader outlook, opting to live within limits, off the grid, using sustainable resources to live comfortably. A nomadic sort of life.


While the area might be bleak, a sort of desolate desert you’d find in a Clint Eastwood western, a harsh climate that gets exceedingly hot in the day while temperatures at night plummet to bone-chilling lows.


However, the advantages of tolerating these extremes of living go far, and bring some extreme results.

The average person in Sunseed makes just 3kg to the 478kg of the average American citizen.

Living here brings new opportunity to explore therapeutic treatments that might stray from conventional medicine. They eat better, healthier.


And there’s a sort of self-governenace where the members meet each week to discuss things, make communal choices, and keep things healthy between others who share in the community.


When the closest town you can walk to is a 90-minute trip, you learn a bit more about self-sufficiency. You adopt a permaculture, worry-free

4_eco-village 3_eco-village

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When She Cut Daddy’s Shirt Into Pieces, I Gasped…Until I Saw The End Result.

If your father is anything like mine he has an abundance of dress shirts hanging in the closet, many of which go unused for months, even years. Of course, you can always take them to goodwill, but even if he hasn’t worn them in years he’ll probably complain, “What’d you do that for?!”.

What if instead of giving them away you could do make them into something new? Even better, you can turn them into adorable dresses for your little girl. There’s no way he could get upset about that. Best of all, the process isn’t all that difficult for someone with average sewing skills. All you really need to do is trace the outline of a skirt, cut it, and sew it back up.

Dads-Shirt-repurposed-1 Dads-Shirt-repurposed-5

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