The Most Adorable Chicken Coop Ever? We Think So.

Today I wanted to share a seriously inspiring chicken coop design with our readers. This design comes courtesy Tilly’s Nest, and while it looks adorable enough to serve as a playhouse for your kids, it’s actually designed with chickens in mind, with edible gardens, linoleum floor for easy cleaning, and even some decorative chicken art for aesthetics.

Tilly's Nest- new coop tour Tilly's Nest- a peek inside the chicken coop Tilly's Nest- chicken coop plants inside Tilly's Nest- edible chicken garden Tilly's Nest- edible chicken planter Tilly's Nest -fresh eggs sign Sarah Hudock

If you’re a fan of raising backyard chickens, then you already know how important it is for them to have some cozy and safe digs to hang out in and part of the fun comes from designing and building your own coop. A coop like this is certainly nothing to flap your beaks at. After all, happy chickens equals more eggs for you and your friends!

For more information about the design, and a huge amount of great resources for raising chickens, check out


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