Move Over Jello Shots – The Bellini Popcicle Is Here

It’s safe to say most adults have graduated from Jell-O shots, and they might be ready for a more sophisticated alcoholic dessert. But a lack of options in the frozen food section makes it tough. Well, rejoice, because there’s a new option that mixes Prosecco with peach schnapps to form something resembling a frozen Bellini cocktail. Each popsicle is made of 29% Prosecco paired with peach schnapps, giving them an abv of 3.8%

Prosecco Pop 1

Currently this delicious offering is only available at a London Italian bar/restaurant named Bunga Bunga in apparent tribute to former Prime Minister Berlusconi. Although we hate to think what he would have done with such an item at one of his infamous sex parties. As for us, we’ll keep our fingers crossed they expan for the Moscato and pops and in the meantime you may want to make your own boozy popcicles.


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