When She Cut Daddy’s Shirt Into Pieces, I Gasped…Until I Saw The End Result.

If your father is anything like mine he has an abundance of dress shirts hanging in the closet, many of which go unused for months, even years. Of course, you can always take them to goodwill, but even if he hasn’t worn them in years he’ll probably complain, “What’d you do that for?!”.

What if instead of giving them away you could do┬ámake them into something new? Even better, you can turn them into adorable dresses for your little girl. There’s no way he could get upset about that. Best of all, the process isn’t all that difficult for someone with average sewing skills. All you really need to do is trace the outline of a skirt, cut it, and sew it back up.

Dads-Shirt-repurposed-1 Dads-Shirt-repurposed-5

Dads-Shirt-repurposed-1 Dads-Shirt-repurposed-4For the full scoop on how to make your own dress from one of dad’s shirts, check out The Sassy Pepper.