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By some accounts, the supplement industry is a "$90 billion dollar racket". And you know what? There's plenty of truth to that claim. So many supplements are marketed to us with all kinds of promises - slimmer waists, stronger bones, younger skin, sharper brain, harder...well you know. Judging by all these claims you might think we already have the keys to eternal youth and happiness at our disposal. Just buy the right supplements and you're live to 100 easily! And yet, so many supplements fail to deliver on those promises. It's true. Many supplements are downright scams, fakes containing nothing close to the advertised ingredients. But you know what else is true? The pharmaceutical industry is a $445 billion dollar racket replete with drugs that help one ailment but cause ten other side effects. Many studies suggest popular antidepressant drugs like Prozac, Effexor, etc are only slightly better than placebos at treating depression (( The fact is, everybody is different, and no one solution works for all. In America we have this idea the solution to everything comes in pill form. Doctors hand out record numbers of prescriptions for pain and chronic illness, and meanwhile deaths from opiates and chronic disease are at all time highs. Perhaps the best and most effective way to treat your issues is by taking an integrative, personalized approach to medicine. One that combines your own intuition, knowledge, and discipline with your doctor's advice and guidance. [pagelist_ext child_of="774" image_width="100" image_height="100"]