Mind-Blowing “Junkyard” Home Built From 104 Salvaged Car Roofs

No doubt you’ve seen homes made from all sorts of reclaimed materials, and where one person sees junk destined for the dump, another sees an extraordinary opportunity to re-purpose and recycle. But I bet you haven’t seen one quite like this. Built by architect Karl Wanaselja and partner Cate Leger, this Berkeley home was made using the roofs from 104 salvaged cars.


It’s called the “McGee House” and the car roofs serve as a sort of siding, covering the roof and sides of the home, resulting in a scaled appearance befitting of a fish rather than a home. Lest you think the home itself follows a junky appearance, you’d be wrong.


green-small-house-made-of-salvaged-cars-04 green-small-house-made-of-salvaged-cars-05


America’s best-selling minivan, the Dodge Caravan, supplied windows and awnings.


With two bedrooms, and just over 1100 square feet, the home has plenty of space and a beautiful modern appearance with tall ceilings and a polished finish throughout.



Their daughter simply tells friends to “look for the house that’s different” when inviting friends over.


Photos Courtesy of Leger Wanaselja Architects

To see even more photos of this incredible home, check out Nicolas Boullosa’s Flickr page, and be sure to visit GreenDwellings.com to get more details on the build.

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