Take a look at this lake, because the next time you see it there might not be any water left. That’s because a mysterious hole in the ground has been draining the lake at a rapid rate. No, the Chinese did not find a way to dig through the earth to suck our water dry. Rather, in a region littered with volcanic activity the phenomenon is most likely the result of water draining through the hole and into the earth through a “lava tube”.

Every winter after the snowpack melts, the lake fills up, and the draining commences. There’s not much to be done, as plugging the hole would cause the lake to overflow, flooding the surrounding area and road. That hasn’t stopped people from trying though, and Jude McHugh, a spokeswoman for the Wilamette National Forest told The Bulletin that numerous attempts have been made, and they even found car parts, including an engine, stuffed in the hole one year.


In fact, the phenomenon isn’t all that unusual, and there are at least 19 other lakes in the state that have the same type of hole, but given the proximity to U.S.Highway 20, this has become the most well-known example.