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Our Values

At Kindsprout.com we hold certain values close to our heart. In today’s world where we so often hear of violence, war, inequity, and corruption, there still exists another side. A sunny side where certain values shine strong and bring us closer together. In short, we emphasize the “human” in humanity.

Specifically, our values center around a number of areas that include:

  • Sustainability. In living and architecture, products and habits, we find ways to encourage living a lower impact life without compromise.
  • Consciousness. In consumerism and spending, in our relations with others, and our own self-actualization, we believe in the power of awareness.
  • Health. In yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and the natural life surrounding us, we want to share in the betterment of life and encourage well-being.
  • Laughter. It is the best medicine after all.
  • Self Reliance. In your work and family life, and in your personal goals, having the wisdom and knowledge to make your dreams reality.
  • Innovation. In the classroom and the cloud, bringing to light the various ways we can improve this place we call earth.