“Selfie Arm” Lets You Pretend To Have A Friend

Remember those ubiquitous photos that guy took of his girlfriend holding his hand as they traveled around the world on all sorts of adventures? If not, let’s refresh your memory.

follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_02They called it “Follow me to” and the duo amassed quite a following, getting coverage in all sorts of publications.

But what if you don’t have a significant other and you’re sick of seeing all those cheesy photos on Facebook and Instagram? For those riding solo through life, there’s now an answer.

Introducing the selfie arm. It’s like the selfie stick, just way creepier.

aricsneedesignboom08-818x791Nevermind it looks like you’re holding the hand from The Adams Family; your mother will just be proud you seem to be sharing the moment with someone special.


The selfie hand comes courtesy Aric Snee and Justin Crowe, an artist/designers duo who experiment with human/technology relationships. Unfortunately the product remains a working prototype for now, but we think they should pitch this one to the Shark Tank as it might just have a market…



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