DIY Steampunk Camper Joins Fantasy And Function

In case you ever wondered what happens when steampunk style collides with travel campers, we have the answer. You end up with something like this:


For the uninitiated out there, “steampunk” refers to a sub-genre of science fiction in the fashion/lifestyle world where technology and 19th century steam engine style come together. In this instance we see what happens when it meets the world of travel campers, and the result is quite stunning.



Dave Moult is the man behind this fantastic wood and copper clad camper. In 2008 he had the idea to travel Scotland and live out of a camper, the only thing was, he didn’t yet own one. So he decided to build his own, which spawned a new passion.

He never went on that trip, but he did end up building six different campers, including the one you see here. It includes a chandelier made from a coffee pot and copper pipe, a library, folding copper sink and cooking space in the trunk.

steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-4 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-6 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-7 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-8 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-9 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-10 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-11 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-12 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-13 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-14 steampunk-teardrop-dave-moult-15

Interested in building your own teardrop trailer? Dave recommends checking out the many resources available online, including the Facebook group page The Teardrop Club of Great Britain and the forum

Patagonia’s Truck Made From Wine Barrels Has A Special Mission

Patagonia has always been a foreward-thinking brand, with a legion of devoted customers who sport their jackets, pants, backpacks, and countless other pieces of outdoor gear. While they’re known for making high quality products for the outdoor adventurer, lately they’ve been showing off something else – the Worn Wear Wago.


The Wago is a biodiesel fueled 1991 Dodge Cummins truck with a very unique modification. The team recruited artist Jay Nelson to help convert the bed into a handmade redwood camper shell using salvaged wine barrels.


And the Wago isn’t just a showpiece. It was built with a very special mission in mind. The Wago and its crew will travel around the country offering free repairs for Patagonia clothing. Inside the bed you’ll find an industrial sewing machine that serves as the workhorse for their mission. So far they have Seattle, Moab, Boulder, Chicago, and Asheville on their list of places to stop.


Along the way the repair experts hope to spread the gospel of concious consumerism and fashion as they cruise through farmers markets, coffee shops, and campgrounds throughout the U.S. on their mission to mend.

You can find a full list of their tour stops at

Photos by Patagonia