DIY greenhouse provides 365 days of personal gardening bliss

The Greenhouse of the Future is a new design by a new designer (Francis Gendron), but it traces its pedigree directly to sustainable living guru Mike Reynolds of Earthship fame. Gendron was the first graduate of Reynolds’s Taos, NM, Earthship Biotecture Academy and has obviously taken a considerable amount of inspiration from Reynolds’s work.

Aside from giving you a nice vegetable garden, the greenhouse puts a tropical getaway just past your door.


Gendron took solar heating as a starting point and expanded on it to develop a passive, sustainable greenhouse that’s built of natural and recycled materials and stays warm year-round. It’s set into the ground so that geothermal energy supplements the sunlight, and utilizes aquaponic gardening to increase productivity and reduce inputs.

A good day to be inside – and thanks to the solar/geothermal combo, it’s still warm in there!


A team effort always makes things easier.


Highly functional, but not just functional. With a little attention to detail, the greenhouse looks great.


Grow your own pineapples and bananas!