Volunteers Get Paid To Live In This Ghost Town

Have you ever driven through an abandoned town and wonderdered what it was like to live there? Well, wonder no more. The Garnet Ghost Town in Montana is a complete ghost town that burgeoned in the 19th century with gold and silver discoveries until it went belly up in the 1940s.


Today however, a few souls remain there, and we aren’t talking about real ghosts (although what town like this isn’t haunted?). Instead, volunteers wander the streets, chosen by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to provide tours and sell souvenirs to tourists passing through.


The volunteers get a certain number of benefits, including a cabin to live in, a food stipend, and a small paycheck for their work. While there’s no cable/wifi, electricity or running water to speak of, someone who’s accustomed to living off the grid might find the accommodations quite fitting.

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Photos by Daniel Hagerman

While the Montana Standard reports some volunteers have spent as much as a decade living there, the current position calls for openings during August and September. If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with Gainan at the BLM Missoula Field Office at 406-329-3735 or email [email protected] to get an application.

50 thoughts on “Volunteers Get Paid To Live In This Ghost Town

  1. Would love to do this. Already in Montana and I love it! Have lived here all my life, would like more info.

  2. Im in, as long as the others that I share the town with, get background checks. I don’t live with pyschos, axe murderers, pervs, or women haters.

  3. I am a 65 tear old widower that was raised on a farm in Eastern Washington. I would like to receive more information about this program. Like time of year to be there. how long we would stay and what this indever is for. Thank you very much. Mary Paine

  4. will this be a Year round gig?? – i could see doing it with some time to prepare for it first..
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea

  5. I wanna let you all know, they have had such a response that they won’t be taking new applicants. But they still have this ad up.

  6. single don’t work would love to know more like how far to go for supplies. Have many flashlight battery powered radio’s and alarms lots of camping supplies How much for food and stuff and work do have one small dog

  7. I am truly interested in doing this. I am flexible and can leave Richmond, Va. anytime. Please contact me with an opportunity to come to Montana.

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